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360Precision Absolute Panoramic Tripod Head, 360Precision Adjuste Pano head, 360Precision Atome Panoramic Rotator
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360Precision is trusted by
360Precision panoramic heads is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide includeing Google, Appple Inc, ILM, Digital Domain and many more
and thousands of photographers worldwide.
Welcome to the new 360Precision shopping experience:

In March we launched our new online shop for existing customers. We're now making the new online shop available to all visitors. We've spent the last month streamlining the order, shipping and delivery process.

We're still updating some of the product descriptions and photos so please bear with us. We will still be updating the main with information about our panoramic tripod heads.
360Precision panoramic heads is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide includeing Google, Appple Inc, ILM, Digital Domain and many more
Customer Experience
Here at 360Precision we work extremely hard to make sure every customer experiences sales and support above and beyond the norm. 360Precision panoramic heads are used and trusted by hundreds of well known companies around the world.

You can read one customers story here:   360Precision: An Outstanding Experience!

  Looking for a high quality, easy to use panoramic head ?

The 360Precision range of panoramic heads are quite simply the best engineered, easiest to use panoramic heads available. Each and every 360Precision panoramic head is designed to...
  1. The highest quality manufacturing standards.
  2. Extremely easy to set-up, use and maintain.
  3. Saves you hours in post production therefore saving you money.
  4. Portray a professional image to your clients.
  5. Last a lifetime of use.
360Precision offers the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the panoramic market. In 9 years we've not replaced a single 360Precision manufactured component.

So what are you waiting for ? Order your 360Precision head now.

Thomas Mansencal, 360Precision Adjuste MK2 and Absolute user
"The quality is phenomenal, engineered to last, not surprising it's covered with lifetime warranty. This has definitely been the most successful buying experience I have ever had and I just cannot stop praising Matthew and 360Precision professionalism.. , Thomas Mansencal"

Why do you need a panoramic tripod head ?
A 360Precision panoramic tripod head will allow you as the photographer to dramatically expand the types of photography you can offer your clients. A few examples are:
  1. 360 spherical images for use in online virtual tours
  2. High resolution landscape photos and prints
  3. High dynamic range images (HDRi) for use by the movie, TV, 3D and SFX industries.
  4. 360 spherical images for use within iPad & iPhone apps
  5. Gigapixel images for use as back plates for image composites
  6. Gigapixel fancam images
For the average cost of just ONE lens you can broaden your photographic arsenal, offer more services to your existing customers and start winning new clients. Click here to view our product range.

"An Outstanding product perfect for the job that it has to do. This is an upgrade for me from another product which was only fair to say the least. I saved "hard" for the Adjuste Mk 2 Panorama Head. The attention given to me by 360Precision in person was very professional and is very refreshing to experience today. Of course I will recommend this product to my fellow photographers. , P Murphy"

Why Choose 360Precision ?
We both (Matthew and Stuart) started out as photographers before we started 360Precision back in 2004. Our products have been designed from the ground-up to serve our needs as panoramic photographers and make the shooting and production of panoramic content as quick and stress free as possible.

Features such as 'glove-proof' thumbscrews (so you can dismount the camera in freezing environments), lockable rails (so your nodal point positioning is maintained) and large spirit levels are included to make our panoheads "just work".

The best compliment we can get is when these features are used yet go unnoticed; our ethos is that our panohead should not become the focus of your workflow, but be treated as a tool that enables you to work quickly, efficiently and reliably.

What are friends of 360Precision creating ?
360Precision panoramic heads are used by thousands of pro photographers in dozens of industries.
These videos show a small handful of our panoramic heads in use.
Customer Showcase
Terry from 360Regal exclusively users 360Precision Adjuste MK2 and Giga panoramic headsBrandon from 360Regal exclusively users 360Precision Adjuste MK2 and Giga panoramic heads Each month we'll showcase one 360Precision customer's work. We'll detail which products were used including both hardware and software. This month we'll look at the impressive virtual tours created by Terry and Brandon from Regal 360.

Please take a few minutes to view the stunning tours below created by Regal 360 using the 360Precision Adjuste MK2.
Create these panoramic images using a 360Precision Panoramic tripod head
Regal 360...
was launched in 2008 with an aim to develop a more complete immersive experience. With specialized photographic processes, custom designs, intuitive interactivity, and multiplatform support, Regal 360 delivers an experience that is unprecedented in the virtual tour industry. This innovative media form provides a unique way to explore and interact within a user controlled virtual environment. Regal 360's brand of distinctive tours offers its clients a way to transform a location into a completely immersive online destination.
Fontainebleau Miami Beach created using panoramic tripod heads from 360PrecisionFontainebleau Miami Beach
is the premier hot spot along South Beach. With stunning architecture, luxuriant pools and gardens.
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar created using panoramic tripod heads from 360PrecisionMillion Dollar Cowboy Bar
With it's origins traced back to the 1800's The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is synonymous with Jackson Hole Wyoming, spirits, great food, and people.
"I just can't get over how beautiful my Absolute is and that beauty is in it's design and function, I believe that it is the pinnacle of perfection in this regard. Only very infrequently in this world do you find a piece of equipment designed to last a lifetime. WOW ! I could not achieve my creative vision without it. 360Precision is to be congratulated.
THANK YOU, John W......"

360Precision Absolute MK2
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the following Absolute MK2 models:
Sigma 8mm f3.5
Canon 8-15mm f4.0 L
Canon 15mm f2.8
Sigma 15mm f2.8 EX DG
Carl Zeiss 15mm f/2.8
Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8G
Nikkor 16mm f2.8D
Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 ED
Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 ED        
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We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all standard 360Precision products. Read our full returns policy here.

PTGui Starter Templates
All 360Precision Absolute MK2 and Adjuste MK2 designed and manufactured components are covered by our lifetime warranty. We also cover wear and tear on detents for up to 5 years.

The 360Precision Atome and Carbone are covered for 3 years.
Fisheye Lens Samples
Fisheye Lens Samples
Check out the results of our extensive fisheye shoot out. We have samples to download from the following:
  Sigma 4.5mm f2.8
  Nikkor 8mm f2.8
  Sigma 8mm f3.5
  Sigma 10mm f2.8
  Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8
  Nikkor 16mm f2.8
  Tokina 10-17mm f3.5
  View the full list here
360Precision Absolute Review
Click here to view the movie.

Our good friend Eric Rougier of "" has kindly allowed us post his video tutorial on the 10 minute panorama. In this video Eric will guide you step-by-step through the processes involved in creating high-quality panoramic imagery ready for display on the internet.
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