Barrel Chambering

At 360 Precision, we use CNC lathes to dial barrels concentrically to within .0002 of an inch, ensuring the action and barrel are as straight and true as possible. The CNC lathe allows for a better surface finish due to the faster speeds it can achieve when compared to a manual lathe.

Our lathes use a single-point holding system by which adjustments to the barrel for both axial and radial alignment are done with a single chuck. This is beneficial because it relieves stress on the barrel while chambering and provides better surface finishes.

Threads are cut into the barrel using a partial profiling threading insert, providing the cleanest threads for superior engagement to the action.

Mitutoyo dial test indicators are used when truing the barrel to provide the .0001 inch graduation sought.

After machining is complete, chambers are hand polished during a final inspection. At this stage, careful attention is paid to ensure the proper tolerances are achieved.