Precision Equipment

360 Precision is a state-of-the-art machine shop utilizing the latest CNC mills and lathes. Our machining, tooling, measuring, and testing equipment are all purpose-built to deliver the highest tolerances down to .0001 of an inch. Our quality control and precision measuring instruments ensure that our products are built to exceed your expectations.

Design and Engineering

Over 30 years of design and engineering experience goes into every product we manufacture. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products that are able to perform under the toughest conditions.

In-House Production

Every step of the build process, from the initial design and prototyping of products to the final finishing and packaging, is done by our in-house team. This allows us to have the best quality control and assurance that our products are able to deliver the best performance for our customers.

The Latest Technology

At 360 Precision, we utilize the latest technology, such as CAD and CAM to visualize and simulate components before the manufacturing phase. Once we are confident in the concept and design, tooling and manufacturing machinery from some of the top names in the industry, including Haas and Mitutoyo, is used. Our customers can expect top-quality machined parts that deliver the accuracy they need whether their firearm is used for hunting, competition, or self-defense.

OEM Manufacturing

Are you looking for an OEM supplier for your next project? 360 Precision is the perfect OEM partner due to our years of manufacturing and engineering experience. We believe in building relationships of trust and customer services with our OEM partners to ensure attention to detail is taken into consideration in all aspects of designing and manufacturing their products.