Barrel Threading

360 Precision provides rifle muzzle threading services so that you can add a muzzle device or suppressor to your rifle.  You can ship or drop off your barrel, barreled action, or entire rifle at 360 Precision to have the barrel threaded to accept any muzzle breaks, compensators, or silencers/suppressors. At 360 Precision our barrel threading process is done on our Haas TL-2 CNC lathe to ensure the utmost accuracy for your rifle.  Our professional gunsmiths will ensure that the barrel is running true, with little to no runout, to less than .0002” before starting the threading process.  360 Precision also includes a 3D-printed thread protector to keep the threads safe in transport.

Don’t trust your rifle to just anyone.  Having a barrel threaded incorrectly can not only affect performance but can cause a catastrophic failure if a round impacts the muzzle brake or suppressor.  Having the muzzle device concentric to the bore of the rifle is of paramount importance.

Our threads are cut with a single point and are also checked with precision GO/NO GO Class 3A thread gauges to ensure the proper fit of your muzzle device.

360 Precision also offers timing of your muzzle break and invisible break machining for an additional cost.