The Often Overlooked 6 Creedmoor

All too often I feel that the 6 Creedmoor is overlooked by many shooters. It’s a caliber that checks a lot of the boxes and I often hear people tell me that they want a rifle chambered in a caliber that will work for hunting as well as competitive shooting. So why not the 6 Creedmoor then? Here are 3 reasons I believe that the 6 Creedmoor makes for a good round.

  • It’s a good hunting round. So many people wan to believe that bigger is better. That is many times not the case. A 6mm or .243-inch bullet is a perfect round for varmint hunting and white tail deer. Also shooting a 6mm round produces less felt recoil than the larger caliber bullets. Less recoil allows a person to shoot or perform better behind the gun. You are less likely to flinch, and it is much easier to stay on glass and see the shot in case you need to make a follow up. So, for many types of hunting the 6mm bullet is a very good choice.
  • Over the counter ammo. Hornady, Nosler and Berger all make 6mm Creedmoor ammo. This makes shooting the 6 Creedmoor round even easier since you don’t have to reload. For many of us reloading is a way of life to obtain the absolute best accuracy out of a rifle, but there are a lot of people that either don’t have the time, budget, knowledge, or simply don’t need ¼ MOA accuracy for their rifle. In these cases, a shooter can go to a local gun shop or purchase 6mm Creedmoor ammunition online. Making this round an easy one to get started with.
  • Easily works for competitive shooting. I’m asked by a lot by shooters looking to get into the competitive world what caliber they should go with. Obviously, that’s a very loaded question (pun intended), but I find that the 6 Creedmoor many times is a good solution. Here’s why:
  • It still works as a hunting round (allows the rifle to have multiple uses)
  • Produces less recoil that the more common 6.5 Creedmoor (which is still a good round but is more difficult in to manage in the competitive world).
  • Lower entry cost since you don’t have to reload and can still find match grade ammo that is readily available.

So, if you’re just looking to get into shooting, whether its for hunting or competition make sure you take a hard look at the 6mm Creedmoor. Even if you’re an experienced shooter you may have easily discounted the round for one reason or another. Maybe it’s time to give it another look.

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