360 Precision KMW Loggerhead Adjustable Turn Knob



  • Quickly adjust your KMW Loggerhead cheek piece hardware without the need for tools. You can easily adjust the check piece up, down or remove it by simply loosening and tightening the thumb knob. 360 Precision custom crafted these to easily replace the existing hex screw and insert our knob. Each knob is made from 6061-T6511 Aluminum and then anodized for a protective finish. Works with any KMW Loggerhead unit installed in, McMillian, Manners, Foundations stocks. This will only work with KMW Loggerhead units and is not compatible with other adjustable check pieces.

    360 Precision does not ship outside the U.S.

  • Specifications

    Made in USA Yes
    Lifetime Warranty Yes